Hi, I'm Abe!

Abe with awards

About my inspiration.

I am inspired by my childhood experiences, love of the natural world, natural phenomena and the emotions incited from readings and observations of the way that human nature affects the dynamic between the animal kingdom and mankind. Through my linoleum relief prints, I try to suggest the fragility of life and the uncertainty of the future survival of earth’s biodiversity in the wake of humanity’s interaction with the natural world.


About my work.

My work is characterized by hidden meanings, original compositions and analytical detail. Also, negative space is employed in order to create a ghostly feeling of weightlessness around my prints. Additionally, I juxtapose man-made elements with animals in ways that feel unnatural in an attempt to point out irony or beg questions about the assumed dominance of humanity over the natural world. My work speaks to the environmental issues I see in the world around me but also makes a comment about myself and the high school experience. Similarly, as I begin to transition into adulthood, some of my art has begun to reflect abstract memories of childhood.



About my influences.

My style is informed and influenced by an innate love of nature which is reinforced by readings of naturalists and environmentalists. In another way, volunteering as illustrator for the Huron Valley Botanical Club’s monthly newsletter has taught me attention to detail and has contributed to the analytical detail and forethought that can be seen throughout all of my prints. Additionally, running, hiking and biking through Michigan’s beautifully diverse ecosystems has instilled in me a profound respect for the natural world. Consciously or not, the style and content of my work has been profoundly informed by the extracurriculars I chose to participate in. As a result, the product of my artistic labor has become a reflection of my other interests.